Malinko contributes to successful Neighbourhood District Nursing Pilot in Wales

December 1st, 2020

The University of South Wales has conducted a comprehensive Evaluation of the Neighbourhood District Nursing Pilots in Wales report, which launched in 2018 as part of A healthier Wales – long term plan for health and social care.

The report made eight high-level recommendations based on the successful elements of the pilots, including that the Welsh government should “Embed information technology and a longitudinal core dataset into Neighbourhood District Nursing (NDN) service delivery across Wales”.

The report stated: ‘The e-scheduling system (Malinko) purchased by two of the health boards and implemented during 2019-20 has reportedly given Neighbourhood District Nursing teams an opportunity to work more safely and efficiently, e.g. reducing non-clinical contact time and duplicate visits. Staff using the system describe it as a ‘new way of working’ from which they would not want to return.’

Interview statements from Malinko users said that although some staff were wary of the technology initially, they liked the mobile e-scheduling app because the information they carry now is always secure, they can see it in real-time. They feel safe because of the safeguarding component of the system. They also reported a reduction in missed visits and a reduction in non-clinical contact time which they perceive as safer for patients and efficient for staff.

One user quoted in the report read, “…the Malinko scheduling system, that completely changed my working life, to be honest”. Another user stated, “We could never even think about going back to the way things were done before. This is the new way of working now, and it seems to be our norm. Less duplicate visits are being made. There are less abortive visits. There is less room for error with this new system, and I could never imagine going back to how we were doing things before”. A third interviewee mentioned the benefits for patients who could now be told precisely when their next appointment would be – information they didn’t have before Malinko was implemented.

Rolling out a national approach to caseload e-scheduling

The Minister for Health and Social Services in Wales, Vaughan Gething, wrote in his evaluation statement that health boards that were not part of the initial pilots would receive funding to commence work to take forward a national approach to caseload e-scheduling.

Rob McGovern, Co-Founder of Malinko, said, “We’re honoured to be part of the Neighbourhood District Nursing Pilot in Wales, and delighted that our software has made a positive difference to the working lives of clinicians, health and social care teams, and patients in the Cwm Taf Morgannwg and Aneurin Bevan University Health Boards.

“Three further University Health Boards have now adopted Malinko to safely manage capacity and demand in a community setting, and we hope to work in partnership with Health Boards all across Wales.

“Now, more than ever, it’s our privilege to serve the NHS, and we’d like to echo the words of the Minister of Health and Social Care by thanking the district nursing teams who are just some of our unseen heroes who have continued to care for us throughout this extraordinary time. Diolch yn fawr iawn.”