Scheduling Software For Maintenance Businesses

Malinko scheduling software is perfect software for maintenance businesses, whether you are providing planned maintenance, emergency repairs or new installations.  

maintenance scheduling software rota

Job Scheduling Software

Job scheduling is easy with Malinko field service maintenance software and it will help with capacity planning. Easily create repeating jobs for planned work that repeat, daily, weekly and monthly or one off jobs for reactive work and see a complete job history for any client. 

You can record regular job notes, such as an access code to get into a site and add specific job instructions if something is different that week. Malinko service engineering software even allows you to store a copy of your signed job note with the job record.

View rotas by the hour, day or week. Set filters for groups, staff or clients. Email or print rotas off for staff and clients. Produce a rota for your clients with staff ID photos for high security sites.

Within the system you can quickly see what’s happening on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and as the system is web-based all information is updated live.

You can set up a range of different service engineering services, so you can record exactly who is doing what jobs, such as:

  • Gas safety testing
  • Damp proofing
  • Pipework
  • Engineering services
  • Decorating
  • PAT testing
  • House rewiring
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Full equipment servicing
  • Mechanical contracting
maintenance software mapping


You can assign the optimum staff based on proximity, know how far they have travelled in a day and see their route and travel times on Google maps. All staff mileage is automatically added to your payroll report.

“Good value, powerful and brilliant, first class, friendly customer service”
— Phil Wright, Needham Electrical

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Client Records

Malinko’s integrated customer record management (CRM) enables you to keep track of all your client information. Use standard fields, or add info with flexible custom fields. Store a copy of the contract and even upload a client photo. Quick access complete job history and postpone visits for a specified period.

Store messages about clients and mark as specific types to record complaints and compliments. With tracked resolutions, messages are fully auditable and perfect for ISO9001 and other quality management systems.

Know your full schedule of planned maintenance jobs and quickly see what previous emergency work you have completed for a client – all available instantly and on a single page.

You can also set up a range of custom fields which will allow you to record exactly what you need for each client. Examples include:

  • categorize your clients by type – commercial, industrial or retail for example
  • easily see where your opportunities are within your sales pipeline
  • record your client contract renewal dates
  • set fields for export to Sage or other accountancy software

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maintenance software staff records

Manage Maintenance Staff Details

Store all your HR information too – With Malinko you can store personal details about your staff such as ID photo and contact details.  You can also add a wide range of custom fields like date fields to record items such start date, drop down options so you can classify your staff such as employee part time, employee full time, self employed, or blank text fields to records items such as National Insurance number.

Record relevant training and book in training reminders and staff review dates.  Back up all staff files such as a copy of driving licence. Store leave requests and see all leave on a planner.  Record staff availability for those staff working unusual shift patterns.

Using custom reports has got our invoicing time down from over a week to two hours
— Gareth Jones, General Manager, EMERGE Recycling

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maintenance software finance

Control Finances & Powerful Reports

Allocate a price against a specific job cycle, so Malinko field service engineering software will tell you what income each worker is generating per day and per week.

Automatically batch generate detailed invoices with your logo for all clients in a given date range. Specify hourly rates or fixed rate for a job. Generate payroll reports for your workforce with variable pay rates based on booked times or actual check in/out times. Easily see what income each staff member is generating per day and week.

You can also allocate a price against a specific job cycle, so Malinko maintenance software will tell you what income each worker is generating per day and per week.

The reporting function takes Malinko maintenance software from being a great everyday tool to a powerful management tool.

Malinko maintenance software allows you to have custom fields and the reporting system reflects this so will tell you exactly what you need to know about your business. Example reports:

  • Sales suspect list split by sector
  • Lapsed Accounts
  • Referral reports by quantity or value to measure your marketing activity
  • Mailing lists
  • Export of financial data

We work with you to ensure that you get out the data you need from the system.

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mobile maintenance software

Working on the move with the mobile app

With Malinko maintenance software mobile phone app, your staff can send and receive detailed client information – all updated live on your desktop. The maintenance mobile app makes it easy to monitor staff activity and manage your workload throughout the day.

  • Live messaging and notifications allow you to communicate easily with your staff when things change at short notice
  • Photo capture and signature capture on jobs.
  • Collect detailed information with custom mobile forms.
  • Proof of arrival and departure.
  • Use even without a phone signal.
  • See all relevant details about each client, including which other staff are attending.
  • Get directions to your jobs.
  • Panic button to reduce lone working risks.
  • All information is encrypted and securely wiped from device when staff leave.

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