The Malinko Healthcare team are passionate about the NHS and passionate about applying technology and their expertise to enable NHS community services to solve the scheduling problems they face.  Malinko Healthcare has a strong belief that NHS organisations should have the opportunity to use cutting edge software which is interoperable, easy to use and enables them to achieve the benefits promised in the sales process.

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NHS community teams typically use either paper diaries and/or their clinical systems to schedule caseloads (book patient appointments). However, community services clinical systems are not designed to automate the caseload scheduling process and clinical systems lack the in-built intelligence required to optimise this process. The reliance on clinical systems to book patient appointments results in the caseload scheduling process being needlessly convoluted, complex and time consuming which results in thousands of hours of senior nursing time being wasted each year in manually scheduling caseloads.

Research undertaken by Malinko with NHS community services suggests that community teams who use their clinical systems to manually book patient appointments are taking up to four hours a day to book around 100 appointments.
In addition, as this booking process is manual and clinical systems have no in-built decision support around scheduling it relies on the nurses experience and intuition.  This results in inefficient schedules and increased risk of human error leading to errors such as missed visits. 

“By using Malinko to automate the caseload scheduling process we’ve saved over 100 hours a month of Band 6 appointment scheduling time”
— Clara Gilfillan, Integrated Team Lead for Colchester North Nursing, Anglian Community Enterprise (CIC)
Quickly reschedule with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface

Quickly reschedule with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface


Unlike many clinical systems, Malinko holds the capacity (workforce) and demand (patients) information required to efficiently and effectively schedule caseloads. Once implemented, Malinko’s intelligent scheduling engine automates the caseload scheduling process, generating an optimised schedule for the senior nursing team to amend and approve before it is efficiently deployed to the community team.
Working with our NHS partners we have proven that by using the Malinko scheduling system instead of the clinical system, Senior Nurses can schedule and book over 100 patient appointments in just 20 minutes. This is proven to save thousands of hours per annum of senior nursing time on caseload scheduling , enabling community services to free up valuable clinical capacity which can used to focus on patient care.

“During the pilot project there were significant reductions in pressure ulcer incidents from 128 (Jan - March 17) to 58 (April -June 17) and Insulin incidents from 7 to 3 in the respective three months periods as recorded on the Datix system.”
— Heather Pearce, Assistant Director of Operations, Anglian Community Enterprise (CIC)
See all Nurse locations quickly and easily

See all Nurse locations quickly and easily


NHS organisations that have adopted Malinko’s Automated Intelligent Scheduling System are achieving significant productivity gains by automating and optimising the caseload scheduling process. The Malinko system is enabling organisations to free up clinical capacity within their community services by reducing non-clinical contact time and by doing so are experiencing:

  1. Productivity gains of over 10%.

  2. Improvement in staff and patient satisfaction.

  3. A reduction in the cost of delivering the service.

  4. A reduction in scheduling errors – missed visits

  5. An improvement in the quality and safety of the service.

The business case for Malinko’s Automated Intelligent Scheduling system is clear, but also the benefits which Malinko Healthcare enables NHS organisations to realise are evidence based.

Malinko Healthcare are very proud of the work we have done so far.  There have been impressive results, but we are not complacent and are building on this on with our NHS partners into the future.

“with Malinko it’s impossible to miss visits...”
— Paul Currell, Administrator (Band 2), Anglian Community Enterprise (CIC)
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