Finding the right technology to revolutionise community healthcare in Blackpool

February 24th, 2021
Blackpool Teaching Hospital

Charles Peill, Service Coordinator, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Adult Community Services and Long-Term Conditions) 

Solving long-standing problems in community healthcare

Our objective was to use technology to solve six problems that are experienced by community teams across the UK:

  1. Labour-intensive scheduling of care

  2. Limited view of capacity and demand based on the quantity of contacts

  3. Potentially emotional responses to demand issues

  4. Reducing the number of visiting professionals by ensuring the right clinician visited the right patient at the right time

  5. Empirical data was limited to the number of patient contacts

  6. Difficult to align and plan staffing levels to meet demand

Taking an innovative approach

We selected Malinko to complement our EPR system (EMIS) and transformed the way we work, creating a more organised workforce and improving the patient experience.

There are three parts to Malinko:

  • Scheduling engine matching clinician skill with patient need.
  • Mobile app providing schedules for health and social care professionals, with intelligent route-mapping and messaging service.
  • Web application giving managers real-time capacity (staff) visibility, allowing teams to become more agile.

Malinko’s demand and capacity reports will help us shape effective staffing models to meet the needs of our unique population. Other gains include the fair allocation of work and an effective messaging tool through the mobile app which also provides an audit trail, improving governance and patient safety.

Scaling the solution

Following a successful phase 1 pilot with two neighbourhood care teams, Malinko was implemented across a further four teams in 2020 with plans to roll out further depending on the success of the phase 2 pilot.

We are early adopters of Malinko’s e-scheduling software and we’re working together to improve functionality for our neighbourhood care teams. There is potential to schedule multiple health and social care services around each patient in the future, facilitating the efficient delivery of place-centred care.

Using Malinko, we’re able to analyse historic activity and refine the time allocated to clinicians to support patients thereby optimising scheduled ‘time to care’. A review of historic wound care identified care/nursing homes with high prevalence per resident population and targeted support was provided by the Care Home Team. This would not have been possible using EMIS.

Feedback from staff includes the following positives:

  • Workforce planning intelligence has been transformative.
  • Staff caseloads are allocated appropriately and there’s more time to provide holistic care.

While learnings included:

  • 40% of senior clinicians’ time is still spent on non-clinical activity, but the appointment of admin staff would free up their time.
  • It takes 12 months for Malinko to truly embed in each team, so allow enough time for dedicated support throughout each implementation.


Malinko provides functionality and insight that isn’t possible with our existing EPR system. The captured data from the mobile app allows managers to report on caseload, capacity and demand – providing evidence of the needs of each unique population and allowing managers to plan staffing levels effectively. No other system we utilise can provide this.