Coordinating care across virtual wards

December 24th, 2021
Woman remote monitoring using pulse ox tool at home, holding tablet

NHS England has issued urgent guidance stating that 15% of covid patients must be treated at home by the end of the year, ahead of the expected Omicron wave. 

Minimising clinical risk 

With staff shortages at an all-time high, Malinko’s clinical e-scheduling software can manage caseloads for multi-disciplinary teams whose staff may be isolating but are able to work remotely.  

Malinko gives clinicians full visibility of their patient’s needs, including whether a virtual or a face-to-face visit is required – minimising clinical risk and making sure no patient is missed. Efficient allocation of equipment, such as pulse oximeters, can be easily tracked through the system. 

Reliable data capture means staff with varying skill sets can be quickly redeployed to where they are needed the most to support patients at home – making teams more agile and reducing the pressure on hospitals, community health and social teams and primary care services.

Why Malinko?

Malinko can help by:

  • Intelligently scheduling planned and unplanned clinical care 
  • Providing a real-time view of capacity and demand across multiple services  
  • Delivering the evidence to make changes to care pathways 
  • Easily scalable to match demand 
  • Complementing EPR systems and working in tandem with monitoring devices

Need advice? 

Our senior clinicians can give you advice on how to quickly scale a robust, clinically safe virtual ward or hospital at home service.  

Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can give you the help and support you need.