Meet Luke: Implementation Consultant at Malinko

February 22nd, 2022

Welcome to Meet Malinko, a chance to sit down with a member of the team and find out more about who they are and what they do. 

 In the spotlight this month is Implementation Consultant Luke, who joined the Malinko ranks in 2019, bringing over eight years of private healthcare experience to the team. If you’re part of a team that uses Malinko, you may well have been helped by Luke or one of his colleagues. 

What exactly is an implementation consultant?

An implementation consultant is someone with good interpersonal skills and expertise in the product, in this case Malinko. My job is to liaise with the customer and understand their wants and needs from the product and then to assist them in ensuring those goals are met.

We also try to inform and guide our customers to ensure they have everything in place for a smooth project implementation and as part of our process ensure the customer gets the maximum benefit from the project outcome. I could list every single task that we carry out but it would be a long list!


What’s a typical day for you at Malinko?

A typical day for me at Malinko consists of a lot of meetings with customers, whether that’s executive boards, project teams, or district nursing teams. I meet with everyone involved in the project, from the execs who made the decision to purchase it, to the clinical staff who are out in the field using it hands-on.

My meetings vary based on the needs of the customers, some of them are training based, some are project planning, some of them are ‘go live’ oriented and ensuring everything is running smoothly. Some meetings are just a catch up with the teams that have been live for a while to work through anything that may have cropped up.


What is the most satisfying task you complete in your day to day role?

I love my job and many of the tasks I complete in my day to day role make me happy. I enjoy helping someone learn a new skill or helping them find confidence in themselves to use a skill they already have but don’t feel they can do by themselves.

Talking to clinicians who have been directly affected by the Malinko system in a positive way is also satisfying, particularly if they now have time to complete their clinical role and spend more time with their patients than in the office.


What one thing could colleagues do to make your day run smoother/tasks easier?

The Malinko implementation team is a great team to be a part of: we all have regular open communication and help each other out with problems where we can.

All of my Malinko colleagues, even the ones not on my team that I only speak to on rare occasions are super helpful and supportive. I honestly can’t think of anything that anyone at Malinko could do more to make my tasks easier beyond what we’re already doing.

Maybe drive to my house and bring me coffee?


What skills do you need to be an implementation consultant?

Good interpersonal and communication skills, good organisational skills, a cool head and a love for problem solving.


What was your experience before this role and what are your aspirations?

I actually started out as a Support Worker for people with learning disabilities, I did this for about 6 years before I transferred to an office-based role with the same company to work as a ‘care coordinator’. From there I was headhunted by some big-wigs at head office to do some national project work and I never looked back.

I was involved in a few national projects before getting a phone call from Rob and asked if I would like to come and work for Malinko. 


What are the pros and cons about working at Malinko?

The Pros: Work-life balance is something the team at Malinko feels strongly about and I’m encouraged to spend time away from work as well as in it. My colleagues here are very supportive and there is a strong teamwork ethic here at Malinko as opposed to the competitive nature of some other companies I have worked for in the past.

I would never work for a company that I thought was not “doing good” and I truly believe Malinko is making a difference to clinicians and their patients so that is a HUGE pro for me. 


How do you incorporate customer feedback into what you do?

The implementation team has weekly meetings where we discuss changes we can make to process all the customer feedback – whether that comes from new or existing customers. We then take this feedback and make adjustments to the process so that our implementations are consistently being improved.


Would you recommend your career path to others and why?

I would, yes. It is a highly engaging role and it keeps your brain active. No two days are the same and I truly enjoy that.

However, I would also tell people that this job isn’t for everyone. You need to be very motivated. Due to the nature of the job it is constantly changing and you need to make sure you are able to change with it.


If you could take one luxury item to a desert island, what would it be and why?

A yacht, if I wasn’t allowed that then probably a hammock, I love my hammock


Ideal meal: starter, main, dessert, drink

Starter: Black pudding and haggis bon-bons with a peppercorn sauce (best starter I ever had in a small backwoods restaurant in coastal Scotland, I still dream of them!)

Main: Filet mignon, potatoes dauphinoise, roasted vegetables and gravy (THICK!)

Dessert: I am not a dessert person normally, however there’s a restaurant near me that does the most amazing “Poached Fig Eton Mess with an Earl Grey Syrup”

Drink: With my meal, wine. I have recently started to explore wine a lot more, especially pairing it with different foods. My go-to favourite drink, though, is still whisky. 

Cheers, Luke!
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