About Malinko

Malinko are passionate about applying technology and expertise to enable NHS Community Services, Social Care Community Services, Cleaning and Maintenence companies solve their staff scheduling problems.  Malinko have a strong belief that these organisations should have the opportunity to use cutting edge software which is interoperable, easy to use and enable them to achieve optimised and efficient schedules.


Andrew Threlfall- founder

Since starting Malinko when it was just an early stage idea a few years ago, it’s been an exciting journey to build the team to where we are now.  My work is split between growing the company and working with the team on all areas of product, engineering and ensuring customer delight. It is a genuine privilege to work in the health and social care sectors - my wife is a hospital doctor so I get to hear first hand how systems such as Malinko make a real difference on the front line.


Rob Mcgovern - co-founder

I am passionate about the NHS and passionate about applying technology and my ‘know how’ to enable NHS organisations solve some of the problems they face. I am a driven, ambitious and goal orientated entrepreneur with extensive experience of strategic planning, building Board and Executive level business relationships and directing and influencing sales within the NHS sector. An excellent negotiator at Board, Executive and Operational level with a proven track record of outstanding sales achievement. 


Antony quinn - operations director

I’ve got extensive previous experience in scheduling throughout my professional career.  At Malinko, I handle all the compliance side of things such as our Information Governance Toolkit and ISO27001 and responsible for ensuring suitable administrative processes and workflows are in place. PRINCE2 qualified and an expert in Gantt charts.


howard brown - nhs Implementation Consultant

Over the years, I've built up significant public and private sector experience including full ITIL implementation, managing teams of installers/programmers, and serving on Digital Strategy Boards. My skills range from application, web, software and network design, IG expertise, infrastructure/network management including security, and programming.  



I have been working with scheduling software and technology my entire working career starting with supporting the implementation of new systems and any training our clients require. I now manage a team of developers to organise the priority of developing new features and upgrading and updating the Malinko system. My expertise of technology in the care sector has allowed me to be part of a team that is at the fore front of scheduling systems.

Alex vaal.png


I have extensive experience understanding potential clients needs and helping fulfil those needs with the correct product and/or knowledge. For many years I have focused my attention on scheduling software and helping 1,000's of clients understand how scheduling software can benefit their business by saving them time and money and match their needs to Malinko's high quality solution.

sam smith.png

Sam Smith - Customer Support

My role is to ensure that any client that requires training or support are listened to, understood and shown the best way to use the Malinko system to benefit their business while fitting in with their current processes. I also write the support articles to help customers discover and learn about the functionality of the system on their own if it's outside of office hours or like to be self taught.


Kyle Hind - Developer

I am responsible for a lot of the look and feel of the Malinko system to ensure that our customers can quickly find our many features without pages feeling cluttered. However, I am constantly challenged to develop more and more back and front end features to solve problems that our customers face day to day so we can maintain our position as a market leader.



I have always been a part of larger projects at Malinko improving the way that our users interact with our software and always looking for better ways to make our scheduling elements handle more complex situations while making it easier to implement. Due to the advancements in technology I have always enjoyed being able to upgrade and improve what we provide to our customers.