What makes us different?

Designed to complement your EPR, Malinko enables community services to operate with the same transparency and safety as an ambulance trust or inpatient area. Malinko provides real-time visibility of your distributed clinical workforce capacity and patient demand for better, safer care in the community.

With in-built intelligence that supports allocating and clinical scheduling decisions for both planned and unplanned care, Malinko frees up valuable clinical capacity to focus on patient care.

With Malinko you will:

Free up time to care

Free up time to care
Release thousands of hours
of clinical capacity by minimising
non-clinical tasks

Reduce clinical risk

Reduce clinical risk
Eliminate missed visits and scheduling errors. Become more responsive to unplanned events


Improve patient outcomes
Ensure your patients are seen by
the right clinician with the
right skills at the right time

Malinko enabled us to safely manage capacity and demand as we move services from bricks and mortar to the community.
The paradigm I envisage is that we have always had flow and state systems along with rota systems for the acute space. Community can now operate with the same transparency and safety and as we make these big changes to models of care, and we will do so with a knowledge that we have a handle on capacity, demand and skills needed. Social care should of course be included.

Rachel Dunscombe, Non-Executive Director at Malinko, CEO of the NHS Digital Academy, Visiting Professor at Imperial College London

The benefits of Malinko in terms of demand and capacity planning are huge.

Each team can demonstrate where capacity exceeds demand, enabling staff to be allocated to areas where demand outstrips capacity – so the workforce becomes more agile.

Mandy Davies, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer (CCIO), Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

I wouldn’t go back to before Malinko, I’m a convert!

The collected empirical data allows us to address our capacity and demand issues.

We are taking on unplanned care events which we were unable to do previously due to lack of visibility of capacity and demand in our EPR system.

Lisa Parrish – District Nurse Team Lead, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Malinko in action

Malinko in action

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NHS partners

NHS partners

Collaboration is the key to the success of our NHS partnerships.

NHS Partnerships

From our early partnerships with Anglian Community Enterprise CIC (ACE) and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust who committed to the co-design, we now work across the UK with multiple NHS organisations and local authorities to continually develop and enhance the system.