ARTICLE: Preventing Infection Workbook


6th June: CORRECTION. Originally we stated that the Workbook was free. This was an error. There are some free sample pages, but there is a small charge per workbook - this can be found in the link below. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

As I'm sure anyone who has been working in homecare for a number of years will tell you - the industry is becoming increasingly closer to healthcare.  Home care workers are taking on tasks more and more that would have been previously done by a community nurse.

This trend will only increase as there is a definite intention from government to do so - as the Greater Manchester health and social care devolution demonstrates.

This article is not about discussing the whys and wherefores of such a decision (although we are broadly in favour of this approach in principle).  However, with this increasing medicalisation infection prevention is becoming a more and more important issue.  With this is mind, the NHS Infection Prevention and Control team have recently published preventing infection workbook specifically for staff providing care at home, which you can find here:

Preventing Infection Workbook: Guidance for staff providing Care at Home