ARTICLE: Be a Friend Campaign


Question:What is the one thing that every human being is afraid of?

Answer:Being alone.

I think I speak for everyone when I answer this age old question with only these two small words. Being alone in the world is a truly dark and depressing thought isn’t it? In fact incidence of loneliness in the UK is predicted to increase by a ridiculous 40% by 2029!

In an effort to challenge this terrifying prospect lurking round the corner “Friends of the Elderly” have stepped up to the plate with their new long-term campaign – “Be a Friend” – which aims to connect those who once were lonely with the rest of the communities they could only have dreamed of being a part of before now. The aim is to allow those people who always want to do more in their community but just don’t feel comfortable speaking out.

We all know home care is not just about meeting people’s health needs. The social contact between the carer and the person in need is of paramount importance. It is for this very reason that UKHCA Vice-Chair Steve Allen has urged UKHCA members to “Sign Up and make a pledge of support on the website.”

The campaign also has government backing as it is Downing Street’s official Social Action Partner of the Year! David Cameron has praised the Campaign personally.

This isn’t about the money. This is about sending a message. It’s about uniting as a nation and conquering our fear and helping those who have already had to be alone.

We have joined the campaign, you can also join by clicking Pledgewall