The Inside Word On CQC Home Care Agency Inspections

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are introducing new methods of inspecting domiciliary care agencies. These methods were evaluated in 2012 via a series of 250 unannounced inspections. The changes to their methods that they have introduced as a result of their evaluation is as follows:

  • They will usually give short notice (48 hours) of their inspections. This is so there are sufficient staff to respond to their questions without care being compromised and to enable them to speak to service users as part of the inspection.
  • For large providers (provide care to over 200 people), they will all for contact details of service users prior to the inspection in order to allow them to send questionnaires to families and carers to gather their views.

They will use the following methods:

  • Visit head office, speak with staff and manager of the service.
  • Check records, care plans, staff training, the provider's processes and other aspects of the business.

In addition, they may use these others methods, dependent on the size and type of service:

  • Telephone the people who use the service.
  • Speak with service users in their own homes, or accompany manager on spot checks of the service. Permission will be sought from the service user
  • Ask local Healthwatch and other local groups about health in their area.

Source: "Care Quality Commission 60 second summary: How we inspect home care agencies" - given to me by CQC at Naidex Show

More information can be found on the Care Quality Commission website:

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