TENDER: Nottinghamshire County Council - Framework Agreement for the Provision of Care Support and Enablement for Younger Adults with Disabilities and/or Complex Needs

Framework Agreement for the Provision of Care Support and Enablement for Younger Adults with Disabilities and/or Complex Needs


Awarding body Nottinghamshire County Council

EST. START DATE:01/06/2017

EST. END DATE:31/05/2018


The Council has a model of service delivery for Care, Support and Enablement services for younger adults with disabilities and/or complex needs that is aimed at meeting a range of needs across the County (which excludes Nottingham City). The Council has a number of contracted Providers that deliver these services within the County, operating under a variety of historical contractual arrangements. On occasion the Council also funds these services for Service Users who live outside of the County. Currently a core Provider model is in place whereby four Providers have the contractual responsibility to undertake any new work arising in their geographical area. Where they are unable to do this they can subcontract to other Providers. However, there are also circumstances whereby the Council may want to contract with another Provider. These include (but are not limited to): • Providers of care homes which are looking to de-register • Providers with Voids within existing accommodation based schemes • Providers who can bring housing solutions • Out of County placements • Providers who bring a highly specialist service offer The Council wishes to establish a Framework Agreement to sit alongside and support the core Provider contracts, allowing the Council to award a Contract to an alternative Provider. The Council may take the option of using this Framework Agreement for future Care, Support and Enablement services once the current core Provider contracts cease. A Multi Provider Framework Agreement will be established and will allow the Council to engage with suitably qualified Providers who will be able to deliver flexible, community based services which will empower Service Users to live independently in their own tenanted “Supported Living” accommodation, or offer Outreach support to people living on their own, or with family Carers; this may also include 1:1 support in day service settings. The majority of the care and support required through this Framework will be Regulated Activity, requiring the Provider to be appropriately registered with the Care Quality Commission. There may however be occasions where Non-Regulated Activities are required. These will be exceptions and Providers should assume they will be providing Regulated Activity unless advised otherwise. This Framework Agreement will be split into two distinct Lots: Lot one where the Provider will provide Care, Support and Enablement services to individuals living in their own homes which may or may not be existing Supported Living accommodation and Lot two where the Provider provides Care, Support and Enablement services to people in new tenancies for individuals in housing which is provided and managed by an independent third party but where the CSE Provider introduces and arranges access to the new tenancies. Providers may apply for both Lots where they are able to meet the specification requirements. NB: The Council has the option to procure other new Supported Living accommodation using a Housing and Housing Management Dynamic Purchasing System (Ref DN50251) alongside this arrangement. The Council will be letting business through an order form process. Services will be commissioned either via: Direct award or mini competition for an individual, usually as Outreach, which may include support in day services, support in users own home or support within a family home but occasionally in Supported Accommodation where a single person service is required. OR Direct award or mini competition for a number of support units within a specific service accommodation base which will have Individual Orders via direct award. OR Mini competition for a specific type of service over a specific time period and/or geographical locality which will then have Individual Orders via direct award. Where the Council wishes to have Nomination Rights it will stipulate this in the order form and will expect to make relevant payments for shared Void hours where they occur in these services. (See schedule 3 Payments). The vision is to have responsive, flexible and creative services capable of actively supporting individuals to participate within their local community, accessing relevant services and support. The aim of the services is to promote independence and reduce reliance on intrusive, formal support enabling people to be as independent as they can and where appropriate moving on from scheme based Supported Living options. This service specification identifies and describes the key features and standard of care and support that will be required to enable vulnerable adults to live independently in their local community. 1.1 Scope of Service The service is primarily for adults of 18 years and over with one or more of the needs listed below. They must have been assessed as eligible for the Council’s Social Care services under the National Eligibility Criteria set out in the Care Act 2014. • Learning disabilities including mild learning disability with additional complex needs; Moderate to severe learning disabilities including profound and multiple disabilities (Appendix One) • A small number of people, mainly with a learning disability and/or Autism, with very high needs, who challenge services (Supported Living Plus) due to complex care issues (Appendix Two) • Autism (Appendix Three) • Mental health (Appendix Four) • Physical disability some of whom also have a cognitive impairment (Appendix Five). Needs may include, but are not limited to: • Learning Disability • Severe Epilepsy • Mental Illness including complex and enduring Mental health needs • Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorder including Asperger’s • Pervasive development disorders • Severe Challenging Behaviours or behaviours of concern • Dementia • Complex physical disabilities including sensory impairments • People who have been discharged from hospital after being detained for assessment and/ or treatment under the Mental Health Act (1983) • Service Users with co-existing support needs such as those with a learning disability and a substance misuse issue Where the Council and the Provider agree the service may also be used for Service Users between the ages of 16 and 18 and in some cases 15 where the person has completed full time education. Providers who support people under these circumstances will be required to ensure that the appropriate registration, policies, procedures and any other requirements of the CQC are in place.


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