ARTICLE: Our Dementia, Our Rights Booklet

The Dementia Policy Think Tank (member group of DEEP) & Innovations in Dementia CIC have co-produced a brief guide to help people understand the rights for people with dementia.  This guide should be useful for:

  • People with dementia
  • Carers, family members, supporters and advocates
  • Organisations, volunteers and professionals concerned with rights issues relating to dementia, ageing, disability and carers
  • Service providers and commissioners

Thinking about dementia in terms of rights can also support a positive cultural shift in the way that dementia is perceived and understood (including by people with dementia themselves).

This booklet can help you as a care provider assist your clients with dementia navigate the legal landscape to ensure they are not discriminated against and can best access the services they are entitled to.

You can find the free guide here: Our Dementia, Our Rights