ARTICLE: Benefits of UKHCA Membership

Regular readers of this blog will know that here at Malinko we are big fans of the UKHCA and the work that they do.  I thought it was worth dedicating an article to this and highlighting some of the important things that the UKHCA do.  The bebefits of UKHCA membership are:

  • Monthly newsletter, keeping you up to date of what's going on in the sector
  • Support and guidance - the national minimum wage toolkit is a great example
  • Promote your organisation as one committed to quality by using their logo on your website
  • Represent your views at government level
  • Access to discounted events and training courses.  You can see below for a list of upcoming training courses.
  • And much more, here you can find more details about UKHCA membership benefits

Upcoming UKHCA Workshops

CQC - Proving Compliance
9 February, Hackbridge<>
8 March, Bristol<>

End of Life Care - Train the Trainer
22 February, Birmingham<>
22 March, Hackbridge<>

Medication Train the Trainer
8 February, Manchester<>
14 March, Central London<>

Dementia Care Train the Trainer
1 February, 2017, Birmingham<>

Care Co-ordinator Responsibilities
29 March, Birmingham<>

Registered Managers
16 March, Manchester<>

Recruitment for homecare providers
23 February, Hackbridge<>