TENDER: Kent To Inform the Future Design of Home Care Services in Kent

Design Team Member – To Inform the Future Design of Home Care Services in Kent


Please be aware that this is not the start of a procurement process but an exercise to help inform the future design of home care services in Kent.


Kent County Council (KCC) are entering the design phase of the 'Your Life, Your Wellbeing' transformation programme. We are looking for a provider to inform our thinking on the development of the model of care and pathway for home care services and future commissioning strategies.


The Council are seeking one home care supplier representative to be an active member of a design group who has operational knowledge and experience of working within KCC Kent boundaries.  In order to inform our thinking responses are requested by 11am on Thursday 19th January 2017.


The design team member must be a representative from a home care supplier who is registered with CQC (Care Quality Commission). This home care supplier must not hold an inadequate rating with CQC nor a suspension of new referrals with a Local Authority.


The design group will be made up of health and social care representatives who will work together to design a model of home care which can be tested within a pilot area within KCC Kent boundaries.  The home care model is intended to identify if people could receive improved, long term outcomes by delivering the service in an enabling way and ensuring people have access to additional support/services where required.


The design team memberwill already be workingwithin a home care supplier. The supplier will have a good track record of working in partnershipwith local authority and/or Health organisations and will have experience of being a positive catalyst for change.  The design member must be open to working in new ways and have a good level of understanding of the'Your Life, Your Wellbeing' transformation programme, together with the Council's business functions and organisational teams. Involvement of working with different client groups is essential, together with experience of leading change projects to improve people's outcomes.


The design team member will be required to participate in regular design meetings held weekly (at least a half day) and the representative must be flexible to support additional design tasks as required. Meetings will be held in East Kent from the week commencing 23rd January 2017 and will run for approximately 8 weeks in the first instance.


If you are interested in this opportunity please complete the attachment describing what you could offer as a member of the design group in accordance with the description above, in no more than 1000 words.  Any additional attachments provided will be discounted.


Home care suppliers who respond will have their submissions reviewed and feedback will be provided if you are successful or unsuccessful.


Kent County Council reserves the right to ask suppliers to clarify their submission.


Findings and the outcomes from the design phase will be shared via the portal.


If you are a new supplier or not currently registered as a supplier via the portal, simply follow the Supplier Registration process (link located on the left hand side of the following page: www.kentbusinessportal.org.uk)


Kent County Council is a public authority within the meaning of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and all correspondence received will be dealt with in accordance with the Act.



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