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Home Care Service Review

This notice follows on from OJEU reference 2016/S 032-051106 Published 16/2/16

Please see below an update regarding the review of home care services in North Lincolnshire.

Previously we had asked potential providers to respond to a Request for Information (RFI) that described a new model for home care based on splitting North Lincolnshire into three ‘Network’ areas. The RFI explained how there would be only 3 or 4 providers operating in each area with all new work going
exclusively to those providers.

There was a mixed response from providers and service users in terms of the advantages and disadvantages with this model. A number of providers felt that this would provide more of an
assurance for providers to pick up new work and would provide an incentive to invest. Providers stated this model would result in care workers spending less time traveling. 

It was also stated that this model could potentially cause a large amount of disruption to the service users and the external provider market, it may also limit service user choice.

Based on this feedback, the home care project team are now considering a change of direction to a model that is not based on the network areas and moves away from the current Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) arrangement.

The model currently being developed for new services from 2017 is likely to consist of a Framework Arrangement with a number of categories that providers bid to operate under. 

We are considering the categories listed below and a limiting the number of providers operating within each category as shown:

Category Lot 1 – Social Care - The provision of non-specialist care, 12 providers

Category Lot 2 – Social Care - The provision of care at Ashby Meadows Extra Care Scheme, 1 provider

Category Lot 3 - Specialist Social Care - The provision of care at night and the provision of unplanned daytime care, 1, 2 or 3 providers (see dialogue question)

Category Lot 4 – Specialist Social Care - Severe and Complex Neurological conditions (including dementia), no numerical limit to the number of providers

Category Lot 5 – Specialist Social Care - Severe and Complex Learning Disability and / or Autistic Spectrum Disorder, no numerical limit to the number of providers

Category Lot 6 – Health Care – NHS Continuing Health Care, no numerical limit to the number of providers

Category Lot 7 – Specialist Social Care – Supported Living Schemes, 1 provider

Services under all categories are for the provision of home care across the whole of North Lincolnshire.

Any bidding process would involve providers responding to category specific questions to test their ability to deliver the according to the needs of service users within that category.

An important point to note is that a framework arrangement is implemented through a one-time tendering process that is likely to open later this year. Unlike the current DPS model, if any providers are unsuccessful in joining the arrangement then there would be no opportunity for providers to join the
arrangement at a later date.

A framework arrangement would also require providers to state a rate for delivering care at bidding time, this rate would remain fixed for the three years life of the contract and, along with quality, would be used as part of the selection process. We are considering an annual price increase mechanism that takes into account increases in the National Living Wage.

I would be grateful to hear any comments you have on the model we are considering. Please use the discussion facility to contribute any ideas or ask any questions.
Many thanks, Rick Anderson (Commissioning Officer)



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