TENDER: North Yorkshire County Council Domiciliary Care and Other Regulated Services Approved Provider List

Domiciliary Care and Other Regulated Services Approved Provider List


North Yorkshire County Council is commencing a procurement exercise to establish new Approved Provider Lists for both Domiciliary Care and Other Regulated Services and Care Homes and Care Homes with Nursing in accordance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015.  Health related organisations within North Yorkshire County Council boundaries may be given access to the Approved Provider Lists.

The Approved Provider Lists shall commence from 1 July 2016 and shall run for a period of five years.  Applications may be received at any time during this period.  The estimated value of the Domiciliary Care and Other Regulated Services contact is approximately 90,000,000 GBP (18,000,000 GBP per annum).  These figures are only given as an indication of the current size of the contracts and do not give any guarantee of future levels of business.   Details of the Care Homes and Care Homes with Nursing approved provider list are available on YORtender (contract reference: 9Z5C-AMVOS3). 

Organisations may complete one application to apply to join one or both of the Approved Provider Lists. 

Contracts will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender to the Council based on criteria stated in procurement documents and will be assessed according to the criteria set out within the procurement documents.  Application packs are available electronically by registering athttps://www.yortender.co.uk/procontract/supplier.nsf/frm_home?op enForm .  For any problems accessing this system, contact the Council on 0844 5434580

The application pack is available in alternative formats, on request, for example other languages, large print, Braille, etc.  If you need the information in an alternative format please email socialservices.contractingunit@northyorks.gov.uk , however;application documentation should be completed and submitted via YORtender in order to be processed.


Mrs Becky Naisbitt

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+44 1609535169


HAS, County Hall, Racecourse Lane
North Yorkshire
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20/06/2016 11:13

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30/06/2021 23:59

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60 (months)

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0 (months)

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