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Open opportunity - This means that the contract is currently unfulfilled but active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to contact them with bid applications.

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Closing date: 22 July 2016

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East of England

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Published date

10 June 2016

Closing date

22 July 2016

Contract start date

12 February 2017

Contract end date

11 February 2021


The Live at Home Framework will be procured on a lot basis per district. However, each district is then broken down further into: 1) Client Group, 2) Service Type, and 3) Service Type Enhanced. Bidders shall be permitted to bid for 1, all or any number of subgroups in combination or singularly. ECC's Pricing Submission template permits this approach and the bidder's responses are easily allocated using this method. ECC shall produce a Ranked list per District, Client Group, Service Type and Service Type Enhanced, ranking the bidders in descending order based on their overall score. The Ranked list will operate for general home support needs under the Live at Home Framework Model. In order to be admitted to the Ranked List, Providers will be evaluated on a best value basis assessing a Providers pricing and quality submissions. Provider quality will be assessed against set criteria that will ensure quality provision and providers will be required to select a price from pricing matrix developed by ECC. Providers’ scores for quality and price will then be added together to produce an overall score. This overall score will then dictate the provider’s position on the Ranked List. Providers will be ranked on the basis of their overall score in descending order, with the provider achieving the highest score being awarded first place on the relevant Ranked List. The Framework will be reviewed on an annual basis, providers on the Framework will have the opportunity to submit a new price from the price matrix. New entrants will be permitted to bid for inclusion on the Ranked List at annual reviews. The Ranked List will be reviewed on a quarterly basis (for existing Providers), this will be in accordance to KPI’s and monitored by ECC. Providers will be re-ranked based on their KPI’s and Provider Quality Reports received from Provider Inspections and internal Reports. Providers pricing will remain as selected at the Invitation to Tender or previous Ranked List view Review Point. Providers will only be permitted to select a new price at the annual ranked list review points. ECC reserve the rights to: 1. alter the Rank List principles defined with to ensure that Price & quality meet with Corporate, Legislative or ECC Outcomes. 2. Alter the placement process outlined in Schedule 5 during the term of the agreement at an Annual Review Process 3. Run a mini competition with providers on the ranked list where placements have not been secured within the ranked list 4. amend or update the Live at Home Framework Model & any elements in accordance to Market Intelligence, Legislative changes, KPI’s or Organisational Intelligence that result changes necessary to ensure Market stability, ECC Legislative, Statutory duties or affordability within ECC. ECC's not procuring on behalf of other local authorities, however the framework will be made available to Essex CCG's and any Integrated Care Organisation / Accountable Care Organisation in Essex to make referrals.

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Bidder Instructions and Guidance

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Live at Home - Case Study Final.doc

Contract Schedules

Live at Home Framework Agreement.zip


Schedule 1 - Service Specification .pdf

Pricing Matrix

Live at Home Framework 2017 Price Schedule v2.0.xlsm

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Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided