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Surrey Wide Children's Community Health Services

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Open early engagement - This means that a procurement idea is currently active, it is in the early stage of development and judging interest from potential suppliers.

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Contract summary


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Location of contract

South East

Published date

15 February 2016


NHS Guildford and Waverly CCG (“GWCCG”) are seeking interested organisations to be involved in pre-market engagement to support us in defining our scope for services and to test our aspirations. Interested organisations will be invited to attend a bidder event where we’ll outline our plans for the procurement and contract for the provision of children community health services ("services"). GWCCG are the lead Commissioner and commissioning these services on behalf of: 1. NHS East Surrey CCG 2. NHS Guildford and Waverley CCG 3. NHS North East Hants and Farnham CCG 4. NHS North West Surrey CCG 5. NHS Surrey Downs CCG 6. NHS Surrey Heath CCG 7. Surrey County Council 8. NHS Commissioning Board (NHS England) GWCCG are looking to enlist potential providers and the market in general in early engagement who share our passion and commitment and who are dedicated to providing choice, excellent services and patient care. The services within scope are still to be confirmed, but may contain: 1. CCG Commissioned: 1.1. Community Paediatric Medical Services (Developmental Paediatricians) 1.2. Physiotherapy 1.3. Speech and Language therapy 1.4. Occupational Therapy 1.5. Community Children's Nursing team 1.6. Children's Continuing healthcare Team 1.7. Audiology 1.8. Safeguarding children team 1.9. Looked after children health team 1.10. Tongue tie (over 10 days) 1.11. Specialist school nursing 1.12. Medical Advisor for SEND 2. Surrey County Council Commissioned: 2.1. Public Health 2.1.1. 0-19 including Family Nurse Partnership 2.2. Children Services 2.2.1. Parent and Infant Mental Health 2.2.2. Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services - School nursing 2.3. Education 2.3.1. Occupational therapy 3. NHS England Commissioned: 3.1. Children’s Community and School based Immunisation Service 3.2. Child health information Service A requirement will be the ability of the provider to partner with a wide range of organisations, and to work across the health and social care economy to deliver high quality and value for money services ensuring a seamless patient pathway. The provider(s) may be expected to offer outcome based service delivery, within a performance management framework referencing KPIs. We would like to invite potential bidders to complete a questionnaire, and attend a provider briefing event to be held on either the morning of 22nd March 2016 or the 5th April 2016. Potential bidders are welcome to attend to listen to our aspirations and vision of these Services. We’ll confirm the date and venue under separate notice. Please could all interested parties R.S.V.P by emailing mark.algar2@nhs.net. All supporting documentation including the registration form, questionnaire and statement is attached to this notice.

About the buyer

Contact name

Mark Algar


Chandlers Point. Halyard Court

31 Broadway


M50 2YR




Other information


Indicative timeline and process - details included are subject to change.

Indicative Procurement Process.docx

The supporting guidance for this market engagement process.

Market Engagement General Guidance.docx

A response form to express you interest in this engagement excercise

EOI Response Form.docx

Market engagement service summary and questionnaire

GWCCG Market Engagement Questionniare.docx

All interested parties in this market engagement are firstly required to send a completed form (found as an attachment to this notice) expressing their interest in this project to mark.algar2@nhs.net. Completed questionnaires should be received via email no later than 5pm on the 11th March 2016.

How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided