ARTICLE: Get public recognition for your hard work

There are a number of different care awards.  However, not all are open for nominations yet, whilst others are open already. If you want to apply for an award and you would like some help, just let us know - obviously we would love for one of our customers to win an award!

1. Towergate Care Awards The nominations close on 24th February, so you've not got long!  Designed to recognise hard working individuals

2. Best Employers in Care Awards  This is an award designed to recognise great care workplaces.  Once you get in touch with them, they will send out a form to your employees about the workplace.  It is free for small businesses and has the added benefit of giving you intelligence about the attitudes of your staff.  Deadline is 19/09/16

Not yet open are:

1. National Care Awards  Opens in May

2. Great British Care Awards They have a series of regional awards, culminating in a national awards ceremony towards the end of the year.  The awards for 2016 will be launched soon.