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North Lincolnshire Council is seeking information on provision of a home care services for vulnerable adults in North Lincolnshire.

Any responses should be submitted via the YORtender system no later than 12 noon on 7 March 2016.

This Request for Information (RFI) explains how we propose to tender a range of home care provision under separate tender ‘Lots’. In all we are including the following types of provision for vulnerable adults; non-specialist, specialist and care specifically within Ashby Meadows Extra Care Scheme

We are proposing a service delivery model that will enhance existing arrangements. It will provide more of an assurance for providers to pick up new work and will reduce travel for care workers.

We are considering tending a number of different types of provision under five separate tender Lots. There is no restriction regarding how many Lots a provider could bid for or be awarded.

The five Lots are as follows:

•             Lot 1 – Non-Specialist Care in the South Network area

•             Lot 2 – Non-Specialist Care in the East Network area

•             Lot 3 – Non-Specialist Care in the West Network area

•             Lot 4 – Home Care within Ashby Meadows Extra Care Scheme

•             Lot 5 – Specialist Care across North Lincolnshire

Full details describing the proposed service delivery model are in the attached RFI along with a list of questions.

Many thanks for your interest we look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that this is a Request for Information, not a formal request for quotation or formal tender and therefore we are not seeking formal offers at this stage.

Please also note that by completing this request for information this does not guarantee any future work.  Any future tender will be advertised via the YORtender system and appropriate journals where applicable.



Mr Rick Anderson

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01724 298352

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12/02/2016 16:18

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07/03/2016 12:00

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