ARTICLE: New Apprenticeship Standards

I would love to know how many of you use Apprentices. We do - many of you will have spoken to Sam our current apprentice and Josh an employee who was previously an apprentice.  And if you have spoken to them you will know why we are firm supporters of the apprenticeship programme.

It is well worth knowing that due to a major government reform of Apprenticeships, the current system of ‘frameworks’ is being replaced by ‘standards’.

The standards are two-page documents listing the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for being competent in your role.

These have to be assessed throughout and the result graded at the end of the Apprenticeship by somebody independent.

What are the new standards?

Four job roles are the subject of the new Apprenticeship standards:

Adult Care Worker (level 2)

Lead Adult Care Worker (level 3)

Lead Practitioner in Adult Care (level 4)

Leader in Adult Care (level 5) - this incorporates both managers and advanced practitioners.

Check Skills for Care website to find out more details