TENDER: Support to Live at Home Round 4 - North Somerset Council

Support to Live at Home Round 4

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Support to Live at Home Round 4


85112200-9 - Outpatient care services


The work we are tendering for will be: twenty four hour home care provision for older and disabled people (including those funded by Health for ongoing long term health conditions); end of life care at home; dementia care; reablement; and provision of home care at one extra care housing scheme. 
...nded by health and social care due to complex needs.

The Support to Live at Home contract will be a spot purchase contract. 

The geographical area in question for the delivery of home care comprises:

There are approximately 2500 home care hours delivered in this area currently per week.


Region(s) of supply

Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

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Domiciliary Care

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From 16/11/2016 14:24 to 20/01/2017 13:00

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North Somerset Council


Nicola Scribens






Town Hall
BS23 1UJ
United Kingdom


Appendix 1 Dom Care Pricing Schedule - Support.xlsx38 KB

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Appendix 17 North Somerset Councuil DRAFT Early Intervention and Prevention Strategy.doc233 KB

Appendix 18 Anti bribery policy 2015.pdf285 KB

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Appendix 2 20160425 Method statements Support to Live at Home.docx22 KB

Appendix 20 North Somerset Community Partnership Waste Management Policy V5 (2).docx125 KB

Appendix 21 CCG Extreme Weather Policy May 2013.pdf194 KB

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