ARTICLE: NHS Better Use of Care at Home Guidance

I'm not sure if its something I've just started noticing recently and it's always been there or whether there has genuinely been a rise in NHS funded homecare (maybe as a result of the funding crisis from Local Authorities?) but either way it is clear that the CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups - the people who decide what outcomes should be met with NHS spending) are spending money on homecare.  We've recently spoken to a few of you out there who are getting homecare work via the NHS as social care, rather than healthcare providers.

The NHS have recently published a guide on better use of care at home and so if you are looking at this as a possible income stream, this will make interesting reading to get a better sense of what messages and approaches are good in order to win this kind of work.

I would also love to know whether the rates that you get paid for homecare from the NHS differ from that you get paid by Local Authorities.  If enough of you let me know I would love to produce a report on this with your anonymised data