ARTICLE: Are your commissioners paying the right hourly rate?

The UKHCA have recently published a report entitled "The Homecare Deficit" which reveals the extent of under-funding for homecare services for older people in the UK.  Whilst bad news stories about homecare being underfunded are pretty common (and somewhat depressing) fodder in the news at the moment and have been for quite some time, the practically useful part of this for a homecare provider was the research that they have done into what hourly rates are being paid for care,  It is difficult to know where to peg your pricing and from the conversations I have, it seems it is not always clear to homecare providers if they are being paid the same as others by local authorities - especially when you are doing spot contracts, rather than full tender work.

The Homecare Deficit

Here you can see what the local authorities state they pay, so can check whether you are getting the right rate or not.  Also, it should give you a sense of where you might want to pitch your private rates (although of course, these are not the same as local authority rates).

It would be interesting to put alongside this what rates the CCG's are also paying - maybe UKHCA could look into this in further years.

The recent CQC State of Care report can also give your further detailed insight to social care within the UK right now