ARTICLE: Royal Pharmaceutical Society complaints guidance

Complaints - even the best service gets them, the most important thing is how you handle them.  Malinko's message/journal log is a great tool for handling them, if you've not used it for this before check out this support article (once logged into Malinko) Using Messages.  Also, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published new guidance on managing complaints and incidents in homecare services, which you will find at the bottom of this article.  It also has an existing handbook for homecare services in England which can be found here: Handbook for Homecare Services in England

The new guidance aims to protect patients from accidental harm by defining clear responsibilities and information sharing. It also seeks to minimise the risk of complaints and incidents being mishandled; minimise duplication of effort and ineffective use of scarce resources; and to ensure incidents are identified, investigated and reported and the root causes monitored so that learning can be shared.

The guidance, developed by a National Medicines Homecare Committee working group, addresses the fact that homecare is a shared care arrangement involving multiple organisations. As such, complaints processes need to be shared and incidents reported, reviewed and learnt from by all parties involved in order to maintain a high level of patient care.

Managing Complaints in homecare