ARTICLE: Upcoming UKHCA Workshops

The UKHCA Have got a whole host of workshops upcoming over the new few months across a range of topics:

CQC - Proving Compliance
9 February, Hackbridge<>
8 March, Bristol<>

End of Life Care - Train the Trainer
10 November, Manchester<>
22 February, Birmingham<>
22 March, Hackbridge<>

Medication Train the Trainer
17 November, Central London - Full
25 January, Bristol<>
8 February, Manchester<>
14 March, Central London<>

Care Co-ordinator responsibilities
7 December, Bristol<>
18 January, Hackbridge<>
29 March, Birmingham<>

Registered Managers
1 December, Hackbridge<>
16 March, Manchester<>

Tendering for local authority contracts
24 November, Birmingham<>

Marketing your homecare business to private clients
2 February, Brimingham<>

Recruitment for homecare providers
23 February, Hackbridge<>