TENDER: CS/2016/DSSYC Derbyshire Support Service for Young Carers and their Families

CS/2016/DSSYC Derbyshire Support Service for Young Carers and their Families

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CS/2016/DSSYC Derbyshire Support Service for Young Carers and their Families


85000000-9 - Health and social work services


Derbyshire Children’s Trust is inviting applications from organisations who wish to provide targeted services for children and young people under the age of 18 years providing on a regular basis physical or emotional care roles to parents, siblings or other close relatives. We are seeking an organisation(s) that can provide a supportive service for young carers across Derbyshire (excluding Derby City). We have high aspirations for our young people and are seeking a high quality service to be provided. Our consultation with young carers and their families leads us to emphasise the following points: We want to reduce the volume of inappropriate caring children and young people undertake • We want to improve young carers lifelong outcomes by increasing the volume of time young carers commit to school/college, homework, hobbies, training and apprenticeships • We want to improve the emotional wellbeing of Derbyshire young carers and for them to feel ‘safe’ in their caring role and parental delegated responsibilities • We want each young carer to have a safety plan and the support of knowing who and how to make contact with relevant personnel and family members when additional help or advice is required • We want young carers to benefit from advocacy both within their family unit and with external agencies • We want to see a flexible response to meeting young carers needs achieved through strong partnership working utilising a “think family” perspective and service approach • We want relevant agencies and personnel to be aware of each young carer: enabling them to offer appropriate support within their professional remit and to share information and communicate effectively in order to meet the needs of young carers in an efficient and holistic manner. • We want additional young carer resource attracting through local and national charitable and business giving. • We want young carers to be provided with fun opportunities, and also some whole family fun times • We want young carers who chose to continue in a caring role to transition into adult social care in an informed, effective and timely manner


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From 20/10/2016 15:19 to 17/11/2016 11:00

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Derbyshire County Council


Denise Hudson




01629 538448


Derbyshire County Council
United Kingdom


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