TENDER: Doncaster Council Commissioning Care and Support at Home


Commissioning Care and Support at Home


Doncaster Council has paused the planned procurement of the homecare service to spend a period of time considering how the approach that is currently being proposed aligns with the recent publication of NICE Guidance for Homecare. 
There has previously been some market engagement and this is a further opportunity for providers to contribute to the development of the service model. It is hoped that any feedback gained from Providers throughout the wider pre engagement process will give Commissioners a better understanding of the market's preferred approach to a number of important issues which could impact on the commercial model. These include the contract duration, market capacity, budget viability, performance management and pricing structure, and contract mobilisation.

Traditional homecare services are currently purchased from a number of CQC registered homecare providers. The Commissioners wish to explore how future homecare services may fit into the wider agenda of support to enable people to remain at home whilst better understanding the co-dependencies between Telecare, Telehealth, Integrated Equipment Services, Extra care, CCQ / Health commissioned services, day care and wider community resources.   

The purpose of this approach will be to:

• Raise awareness amongst the provider market of the challenges faced by Commissioners.

• Seek the high level market view of the agenda and challenges from a commercial perspective. 

• Give organisations the opportunity to start building the resources and the strategic relationships required to bid successfully for the services.

• Engage with the provider market at the pre specification-writing stage.

• Help to determine the most appropriate course of action for the Commissioners.

Prior to formal procurement, Commissioners wish to invite interested Providers to register an interest and complete a questionnaire, which will assist commissioners in identifying key issues and will also provide a guide on the direction of travel. Commissioners also wish to meet providers on a 1 to 1 basis, with a plan to then hold further workshops to refine the model and approach.   Theworkshops will also offer anetworking opportunity for providers to meet with other interested parties.

The questionnaire is accessible at the bottom of this page.  Providers that have expressed an interest will also be invited to participate in further meetings, eventsand workshops.

An indicative timetable (subject to change) is as follows:

• Questionnaire published: December 2015
• 1 to 1 meetings: January / February
• Developing models events: March / April
• Formal Procurement: Mayonwards

Link to a Survey Monkey questionnaire -



This notice is placed as a Prior Information Notice, and relates only to pre-procurement market engagement event and one to one discussions. For the avoidance of doubt, participation in any pre-procurement discussions with Commissioners is not a guarantee of an invitation to participation in a formal procurement process (non-participation in pre-procurement decisions does not preclude involvement in the tender either); the commissioners will take a decision on if to/how to procure these services at a later date.







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