TENDER: Leeds City Council Provision of Care and Support for Wharfedale View Extra Care Scheme

Provision of Care and Support for Wharfedale View Extra Care Scheme


While there is no direct payment arrangement with Leeds City Council, this contract will provide the opportunity for the Contractor to access potential income of £314,065 per annum (total potential income of £1,570,325 for the full five years of the contract). This consists of income for the 24/7 Core service paid directly by tenants (estimated to be £126,215 per annum) and potential income from the delivery of planned care and support, estimated at £187,850 per annum based on a projected demand of 289 hours per week. Demand for the planned care and support element of the contract is influenced by the number of hours linked to care packages as well as the number of Tenants opting to go with the onsite provider for this support. The calculation is also based on the assumption of one person per apartment having eligible care and support needs. The care hours are distributed across 35 of the 45 apartments, with the final 10 open to shared ownership. There is the potential for further business from these apartments in addition to the calculations provided above.



Mrs Hilary Sedgwick

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0113 3952451


St George House
2nd Floor, 40 Great George Street
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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18/12/2015 11:43

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10/02/2016 12:00