ARTICLE: Reminder to display your CQC rating

Really important one for you here!

If you have been inspected under the new regime and have a company website then you have a legal obligation to show your results on it regardless of what rating you were given! 

It is important to be aware that the CQC are checking this, as recently a fixed penalty notice was issued to a care provider who did not display their ratings on their website. (See the fourth article in the CQC newsletter

Do not let this happen to you too!

This has to be the most recent inspection rating so if you already displayed a previous rating and have been inspected since then you also have to update the existing information on your website. They say that you have to put it on your main homepage so that the rating is clearly visible to anyone who visits your website.

Now that the CQC are beginning to clamp down on this rule you need to make sure you aren’t the next one who gets caught out!

You don’t need to worry though because it's really easy to display your ratings all you need to do is use the CQC rating widget and the CQC rating template that the CQC have provided for all care groups or if you would rather do it yourself then follow these 4 easy steps: 

  • Make sure the the name of the rated service is on the website.
  • Display all provider and premises ratings awarded by CQC. This information could be on different webpages if you have separate pages for different premises. (This is only in the case of franchises and large companies operating under multiple offices.) 
  • Have a link to not only CQC’s website address but also a link to the location on CQC’s website where your rating may be seen.
  • And finally the date the inspection report was published.

You can use the CQC widget to ensure compliance, they give you full instructions on how to use it.

For more information on other ways to display your CQC rating correctly please visit the link below.